Wilmington takes advantage of downtime at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater for repairs

Termites found while making improvements at Greenfield Lake Ampitheater

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Like most things, with a lot of use comes the need for repairs and maintenance. At Hugh Morton Amphitheater — more commonly known as Greenfield Lake Amphitheater — the City of Wilmington took advantage of COVID-19 downtime to do just that.

Repairs to the venue were much needed, according to Buildings Manager Christine Sims, with some of them dating back to Hurricane Florence. From roof repairs to new doors, to simple things like hand dryers in the bathrooms instead of paper towels, the city has been at work fixing up the venue.

“We started some of those projects in late fall. Some of those that we have already completed is some roof work that needed to be done to slow down a few leaks that we had in places, we’ve installed a new door that was damaged in Hurricane Florence,” she said.

But those repairs the city knew about were just the beginning, once they started on the projects, additional damages were found — some from water damage and some from termites.

The city is hopeful that the repairs will be complete by this year’s concert season, which is just around the corner, however, events can still take place even if the repairs aren’t done in time.

In order for things to actually get back to normal though, Governor Roy Cooper will have to lift gathering restrictions since they are currently limited to 50 people outdoors.

“I do know that everybody wants to get back open and I know that community services is equally as excited as anybody to get the facility open and get people coming back to live music,” Sims said.

The city did have to pause some of the repairs in order to address the other issues they discovered and once the bids go out, a price tag for the project can be given.

The first shows of the season at the amphitheater are planned for late April, so there is still some time left to make sure the venue is in top shape before people head out for some sun and songs.

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