CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police, security guard to be honored for saving woman dangling from hotel parking deck

VIDEO: Wrightsville Beach officers save woman from falling from parking deck

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - Two Wrightsville Beach police officers and a security guard at Shell Island Resort are credited with saving the life of a woman who was dangling from the hotel’s parking deck early Sunday night.

According to a news release, Wrightsville Beach police were dispatched to the parking deck around 1 a.m. after the resort’s security team saw a woman they described as “behaving suspiciously” while walking the parking deck.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police, security guard to be honored for saving woman dangling from hotel parking

Sgt. J. Rich of the Wrightsville Beach Police Department was the first to arrive. In body camera footage released by the police department, the woman could be heard screaming “you’re not the police! you’re not!”

As Officer Rich approached and announced himself as the police, the woman then climbed over the barrier wall at the top of the parking deck.

“It appears that she was trying to avoid contact with the police and had severely misjudged the danger she was putting herself in,” the news release stated.

A second woman can be heard off-screen screaming “she’s literally hanging on!” as Rich grabs the woman by her arm in an attempt to keep her falling approximately 40 feet to the ground.

“Hey, give me a hand, give me a hand, give me a hand!” Rich yells to a nearby security guard. “Come! I need some help! Run!”

“Shell Island Security Guard B. Price immediately went to assist Sgt. Rich by taking one of the woman’s arms. Officer J. Deal (WBPD) arrived seconds later to help,” the news release stated.

The two officers and the security guard managed to pull the woman back to safety. She’s was checked out by paramedics and taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

“WBPD appreciates the good work of the security team at Shell Island Resort and we certainly appreciate the work of all three involved to save a life,” according to the release.

Wrightsville Beach Police Chief David Squires said the department will honor the great work of all involved in the “extraordinary” event.

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