Unsung heroes: The people helping in the Ocean Ridge Plantation Community

The many people offering helping hands in a time of crisis hailed as heroes

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - What constitutes a hero? By definition it means someone who is admired for their courage or their achievements.

For the neighbors of Ocean Ridge Plantation, it defines the countless people who have donated their time to help the many victims of a deadly tornado.

“It is amazing to me to see the number of good people, really good people, who have come out to help us — really good people who work hard and want nothing in return for it,” said Sheree Seben, an Ocean Ridge resident and volunteer.

Seben is fondly known by neighbors as “The Lady in Pink”. That’s a superhero name for a woman who has helped organize the various volunteer groups that have come to put their community back together.

For some, helping could mean providing warm meals, clearing up debris or in the case of volunteer Sharron Giblin, that means calling neighbors to see what they need.

“As I was calling and my group of ladies that were calling — we found out that it wasn’t just material things or debris that needed picked up but this is a way for them to talk to us and to listen — we become a listening ear for them,” said Giblin an Ocean Ridge resident and volunteer.

All of the volunteers and people who are helping clean up the devastation say they are just doing what they hope someone would do for them, and maybe that’s what a hero is after all — doing what you can, when you can, without expecting anything in return.

If that’s the case, the people in Brunswick County embody that term.

“This is such a special community. I mean we think of this as our second family, if not our first sometimes. It is an extremely close knit community and we just want to help neighbors and friends,“said Seben.

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