Executive order eases COVID restrictions and lifts curfew statewide

Business owners see a ray of light after nearly a year of full and partial lockdowns.

Bars and gyms welcome new executive order easing restrictions

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Many businesses will reopen this weekend for the first time in almost a year. Other establishments will welcome back more customers than they have seen during the pandemic.

Governor Roy Cooper’s easing of restrictions means bars can serve drinks again and places like TF Fitness and Nutrition can increase capacity.

“We are just happy with the increase — obviously you want more — we all kind of want things to get back to normal as business owners, but we can take what we can get at this point,” says owner Skip Lennon.

For many bars and restaurants, the pandemic has been particularly tough.

Ceviche’s restaurant co-owner Laura Tiblier says they shut down for eight weeks and credits her customers for keeping her business afloat.

“People still are coming to Wilmington and Wrightsville beach on smaller-scale vacations,” Tiblier said.

Tiblier also takes pride in the safety measures she has implemented for her staff and customers.” The CDC guidelines , which we follow here, have been very successful. We have had a few scares here and there but as far as our employees, we have been able to not really have cases.”

Lennon says that while proper sanitation measures are a necessary requirement for gyms, it’s the customer’s peace of mind that is most important.

“The equipment’s clean, the environments clean when they come in, but most importantly — they need to feel comfortable when they come to the gym; so once they’re ready, we are here for them.”

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