WPD suspends cruise lights pilot program

Survey now available to give feedback on WPD Blue Lights program

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Wilmington Police Department announced on Tuesday that it has suspended its cruise lights pilot program to seek feedback from the community.

Since Jan. 22, WPD officers have been patrolling with their cruise lights on to test a theory that doing so would increase visibility and help deter crime.

The pilot program was tested for a month and, in the coming days, WPD is seeking feedback from Wilmington residents through a survey that will be posted on the WPD website with the following three questions:

  • Have you noticed WPD vehicles traveling with their blue cruise lights on?
  • Do you think that having the cruise lights on while patrolling has caused you to notice WPD vehicles more often while traveling around the City?
  • Do you think the cruise lights help in increasing police visibility and deterring crime?

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“We want the community to become more involved in our policing, and this is the perfect opportunity for that,” said Chief Donny Williams. “I encourage all Wilmington residents to please take a minute to answer these questions and let us know your thoughts.”

Results of the survey will be published following the closing date.

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