Brunswick County neighborhood flooded, issues caused by heavy rain

Brunswick neighborhood has issues caused by flooding

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - In one Brunswick County neighborhood, cars could be seen just feet away from being submerged and potholes had turned into mini ponds. Children’s play sets were surrounded by muddy water, and street poles resembled anchored buoys.

Mother nature has turned this subdivision in Supply into a swamp-like landscape. Christal Wunder, a mother who lives in the community says her frustration overflows on days like this.

“This happens every single time it rains. If there is a little bit a rain for a day, we are okay; but anything more than a day of rain , the whole road gets completely washed out.”

Wunder says she and her neighbors have reached out to those who manage the community — and Brunswick County officials — but haven’t had much luck.

“I’ve been told it’s public, there’s nothing that they can do. But I’ve also been told that it’s a subdivision and we have no rights to do certain things.”

However he’s not the only one dealing with high water today — schools across the region were on a two-hour delay or were closed because of high water. Scenes from Bolivia and Atkinson show that seemingly endless rain has posed problems for plenty of people.

But the widespread impact of this recent rainfall does little to dampen the anxiety Wunder feels. With each new downpour, she fears the worst and hopes the problems dry up before something bad happens. ”God forbid somebody drowns. Whether there is an emergency, we can’t get no medical attention through here. If there’s a fire, we can’t get them people through here.”

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