After COVID cancellation last year, Town of Carolina Beach hopes to bring back fireworks this summer

Town of Carolina Beach hopes to bring back fireworks this summer

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - For years visitors and residents alike have flocked to Carolina Beach during the summer months in order to watch and enjoy live music and fireworks on Thursday nights.

Last year, COVID-19 brought that to a halt - now - council members are looking for ways to possibly bring back some activities while keeping people safe from the virus.

At their February Council Meeting, town leader, along with town staff discussed the possibility of bringing back fireworks to the boardwalk this summer.

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Councilman Steve Shuttleworth was supportive of bringing back a sense of normalcy this year.

“I think we should look at doing fireworks regardless starting on Memorial Day through the summer have the regular fireworks. Thinking through this, the biggest congregation is on Thursday nights with the music and then the fireworks. You can see fireworks from all over town. People can social distance and enjoy the fireworks on the beach and from other parts of the community. They don’t have to be in that large gathering space crowded in there,” he said.

However, bringing back the live music is not something he thinks is doable at this time.

Last year the town canceled its annual fireworks which actually ended up saving the town a significant amount of money which is generally spent on the events, but Shuttleworth pointed out, the town has been doing these events for more than a decade, and they have become a staple of the town.

Others on the council also voiced their concerns with all of the cancellations of events.

“I am just worried that we are so frustrated with COVID that we don’t plan and then let’s say the restrictions drop .. here we would be with no 4th of July events,” Councilman Lynn Barbee said.

Town Manager Bruce Oakley said town staff is already planning for a ‘normal year’ with precautions put in place to account for social distancing.

The fireworks generally take place every Thursday during the summer months.

Mayor Leann Pierce said that the town would have to look at Governor Roy Cooper’s orders on events and gatherings going into the summer.

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