Get Fit With 6: February challenge

Get Fit With 6: February challenge

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The February challenge includes some cardio, abs, glutes, and hamstring exercises.

Jump rope

Amy Stewart, Back to Basics owner and personal trainer says you need to pick a jump rope that’s comfortable for you.

I like one that’s arm length for a wider stance. Amy prefers holding her jump rope closer to her body, so there isn’t as much slack.

Hula hoop

If you don’t want to jump rope you can use a hula hoop.


Sit-ups and crunches are different. For sit-up you lay on the ground with your feet flat, knees up, and hand stretch out behind your head. Sit all the way and extend your hands over your knees.

Try putting weight between your feet to make it a little more challenging.

For a modified version, place your heels on the ground with your feet pointing toward the ceiling, hands behind your head and do short pulses. Or if you are comfortable try coming all the way and touch your toes.

Glute bridges

Lay on the ground, feet flat, knees up, hands by your side. Place either a squishy ball or palates ring in between your knees. Raise your hips off the ground while squeezing the ball or ring, then down (without touching the ground) and back up.

There are also some burpees and sumo squats included. Click here for details from last month’s challenge on how to do those exercises.

And of course try to walk or run on the weekends.

Good luck!

Get Fit With 6: February challenge
Get Fit With 6: February challenge (Source: Back to Basics Personal Training)

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