Town of Leland launches ‘Leland 311′ website for residents to report problems

Leland has a new problem-solving service

LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - Leland residents have a new way to report problems to the town starting March 1.

“It’ll probably be easier [to use].” said the town’s planning and inspections director, Ben Andrea. “The system is made to be used on smartphones and tablets and computers. Instead of having to go to the website for the link to go to SeeClickFix, now, they just have to go to and it will take them right there.”

On March 1, the town launched Leland 311, a website that will replace the app the town currently uses.

The website will be a place for residents to report problems with utilities, potholes, zoning violations and just about anything else the town would be able to take care of. The town’s planning and inspections director says things are moving smoothly and the service will be ready for residents in no time.

“Staff is working right now to get the back side of the website set up. Essentially, what we’re doing is making sure that the map interface works, making sure there are easy-to-use instructions on how to use it and also that the categories of reports go to the right department.”

The change will save the town thousands of dollars by using a service it already subscribes to.

“In that scope of services that we subscribe to is a solution called Citizen Problem Report, which is very similar to SeeClickFix,” said Andrea. “By transferring to Leland 311, which is the public facing side of the problem report, we’ll save citizens about $12,000 a year.”

Lucero Torres is a Leland native. She knows to dial 911 when it comes to crime, fire or a medical emergency. But, if there’s another problem in town, she really doesn’t know where to call, off the top of her head.

“I don’t know. Probably City Hall, I would think,” says Torres. “I honestly don’t know.”

The goal of is to streamline a process in a catchy website to remember. Just remember, 311 doesn’t mean dialing the phone.

“Oh, do not dial 311,” said Elizabeth Galloway. “That’s not where you’ll make a connection. You have to do it on the web.”

Once on the website, residents will be asked to give their name, address, and a email. They can then describe the problem they’re having and even post a picture on the web. Problems like potholes, noise disturbances, water and sewer issues and things like that.”

Once you submit the concern, the town’s staff will eventually contact you.

“Oh, that seems easy enough” says Torres, who’s learned something new on this. “ is easy to remember.”

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