SENC lawmakers receive committee leadership positions for 2021 General Assembly session

The outside of the North Carolina General Assembly building is seen in this undated photo.
The outside of the North Carolina General Assembly building is seen in this undated photo.(Nick Ochsner)
Updated: Jan. 26, 2021 at 1:47 PM EST
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RALEIGH, N.C. (WECT) - Lawmakers from southeastern North Carolina will hold leadership positions on several committees when North Carolina’s General Assembly reconvenes on Wednesday, January 27 to begin the 2021-22 session. Legislators in both chambers have received their committee assignments from House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham). Normally committee leadership positions are held by lawmakers belonging to the majority party. Republicans hold a 69-51 majority in the House and a 28-22 majority in the Senate.

The delegation in the NC House of Representatives from southeastern North Carolina includes (in alphabetical order): Rep. William Brisson (R-District 22), Rep. Deb Butler (D-District 18), Rep. Ted Davis (R-District 20), Rep. Frank Iler (R-District 17), Rep. Brenden Jones (R-District 46), Rep. Charles Miller (R-District 19) and Rep. Carson Smith (R-District 16). Members of the NC Senate from the region include: Sen. Danny Earl Britt (R-District 13), Sen. Michael Lee (R-District 9) and Sen. Bill Rabon (R-District 8).

Assignments for committees in the House of Representatives as announced by Speaker Tim Moore’s office:

Agriculture Representative Dixon; Senior Chair; Representative McNeely; Chair; Representatives Brisson, Strickland, Wray; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Alexander, Bell, Brody, Elmore, Everitt, Gillespie, Goodwin, Graham, K. Hall, Humphrey, Hunter, B. Jones, Kidwell, Lofton, Majeed, Penny, Reives, Sasser, K. Smith, Watford, Yarborough.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Representative Moffitt; Chair; Representatives Boles, Hardister, Willingham; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Bell, Bradford, Dahle, Fisher, Hurley, Meyer, Saine, Turner, Zachary.

Appropriations Representatives Arp, Lambeth, Saine; Senior Chairs; Representatives Brisson, Bumgardner, Elmore, Faircloth, K. Hall, Strickland; Chairs; Representatives K. Baker, Boles, Cleveland, Dixon, Goodwin, Hardister, Hastings, Hurley, Iler, Johnson, B. Jones, McElraft, McNeill, Potts, Riddell, Sasser, Shepard, C. Smith, Torbett, White; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Adcock, Ager, Alston, Autry, A. Baker, Ball, Belk, Blackwell, Brockman, Brody, Brown, Carter, Clampitt, Cooper-Suggs, Cunningham, Dahle, Davis, Farkas, Fisher, Gailliard, Garrison, Gill, Gillespie, Graham, Greene, Hanig, Harrison, Hawkins, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurtado, Insko, John, A. Jones, Logan, Lucas, Majeed, Martin, McNeely, Meyer, Miller, Mills, Morey, Moss, Paré, Penny, Pickett, Pierce, Pittman, Pless, Quick, Reives, Richardson, Roberson, Rogers, Stevens, Terry, Turner, von Haefen, Wheatley, Willingham, Willis, Yarborough.

Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources Representative Dixon; Senior Chair; Representatives Goodwin, McElraft; Chairs; Representatives K. Hall, Strickland; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Brown, Clampitt, Harrison, Humphrey, McNeely, Quick, Roberson, Turner, Yarborough.

Appropriations, Capital Representative Hastings; Chair; Representative Arp; Vice Chair; Representatives A. Baker, Gailliard, Hurtado, Pickett, Stevens.

Appropriations, Education Representatives Hardister, Hurley, Torbett; Chairs; Representative Elmore; Vice Chair; Representatives Adams, Ball, Brockman, Brody, Fisher, Garrison, Gill, Gillespie, Hanig, Hawkins, Hunt, Lucas, Miller, Wheatley, Willis.

Appropriations, General Government Representatives Cleveland, Riddell; Chairs; Representative Brisson; Vice Chair; Representatives Dahle, Farkas, Logan, Majeed, Paré, Penny, Pittman, von Haefen.

Appropriations, Health and Human Services Representatives K. Baker, Potts, Sasser, White; Chairs; Representative Lambeth; Vice Chair; Representatives Adcock, Alston, Blackwell, Cooper-Suggs, Cunningham, Insko, Mills, Pless, Terry.

Appropriations, Information Technology Representative Johnson; Chair; Representative K. Hall; Vice Chair; Representatives Autry, B. Jones, Meyer, Saine.

Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety Representative Boles; Senior Chair; Representatives McNeill, C. Smith; Chairs; Representatives Faircloth, Rogers; Vice Chairs; Representatives Carter, Davis, Graham, Greene, John, A. Jones, Morey, Pierce, Reives, Richardson.

Appropriations, Transportation Representative B. Jones; Senior Chair; Representatives Iler, Shepard; Chairs; Representative Bumgardner; Vice Chair; Representatives Belk, Martin, Moss, Willingham.

Banking Representative Kidwell; Chair; Representatives Carney, Howard; Vice Chairs; Representatives Bradford, Butler, Everitt, Szoka, Zenger.

Commerce Representative Sauls; Chair; Representatives Johnson, Pierce, Tyson; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Adcock, Autry, Butler, Clemmons, Cunningham, Everitt, Farkas, Garrison, K. Hall, Howard, Iler, Kidwell, Lofton, Moss, Shepard, Strickland, Terry, Winslow.

Education - Community Colleges Representative Hurley; Chair; Representatives Brody, Hunt, Sauls; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Blackwell, Clemmons, Elmore, Farkas, Gailliard, Hanig, Pittman, R. Smith, Turner, Tyson, Zachary.

Education - K-12 Representatives Blackwell, Torbett; Chairs; Representatives Brockman, Fisher, Wheatley, Willis; Vice Chairs; Representatives K. Baker, Ball, Bradford, Clemmons, Elmore, Gailliard, Gill, Graham, Hunt, Iler, Johnson, Lambeth, Lucas, McNeely, Meyer, Miller, Potts, Riddell, K. Smith, Strickland, White.

Education - Universities Representative Hardister; Chair; Representatives Hastings, Pickett, Terry; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, K. Baker, Carney, Clampitt, Davis, Harris, Howard, Insko, Lambeth, Martin, Mills, Morey, K. Smith, Zachary.

Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform Representative Mills; Chair; Representatives Dahle, Szoka, Warren; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ball, Blackwell, Brockman, Davis, Faircloth, Fisher, Hanig, Harrison, Iler, Insko, McNeill, Riddell, Rogers, K. Smith, Willingham, Willis, Zenger.

Energy and Public Utilities Representatives Arp, Szoka; Chairs; Representatives Miller, Paré, Watford; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Bell, Brisson, Brockman, Brown, Carney, Cunningham, Dixon, Graham, D. Hall, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkins, Howard, Humphrey, B. Jones, Pierce, Richardson, Riddell, Saine, Sauls, Setzer, Strickland, Winslow, Wray.

Environment Representatives McElraft, Yarborough; Chairs; Representatives K. Hall, Harrison, Iler; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Alexander, Davis, Dixon, Goodwin, Hurtado, Insko, Kidwell, Pittman, Quick, Terry, Turner, Wheatley, White.

Ethics Representatives Sauls, Wray; Chairs; Representative Setzer; Vice Chair; Representatives Carney, Dahle, Hunter, Insko, Saine, Yarborough, Zachary.

Families Children and Aging Policy Representatives Carter, Hunter; Chairs; Representative Hurley; Vice Chair; Representatives K. Baker, A. Baker, Cooper-Suggs, Greene, Hunt, John, Morey, Pickett, Sasser, Warren, White.

Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs Representatives Clampitt, Graham; Chairs; Representatives Gillespie, B. Jones, Pless; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alston, Hastings, Logan, Riddell, R. Smith.

Finance Representatives Bradford, Howard, Setzer, Szoka; Senior Chairs; Representatives Kidwell, Wray; Chairs; Representatives Tyson, Warren, Zenger; Vice Chairs; Representatives Alexander, Bell, Butler, Carney, Clemmons, Everitt, D. Hall, Harris, Hunter, Lofton, Moffitt, Sauls, K. Smith, R. Smith, Watford, Winslow, Zachary.

Health Representatives K. Baker, Lambeth, Potts, Sasser, White; Chairs; Representatives Cunningham, Insko; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ball, Blackwell, Brisson, Brockman, Carney, Carter, Cooper-Suggs, Dixon, Gailliard, Howard, Humphrey, Hunter, Lucas, McElraft, Moffitt, Pierce, Setzer, Shepard, K. Smith, Szoka, Tyson, Watford, Wray.

Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs Representative Goodwin; Chair; Representatives Cleveland, Martin; Vice Chairs; Representatives Arp, Autry, Boles, Carter, Hanig, Johnson, Logan, Majeed, Meyer, Paré, Pierce, Pless, Potts, Shepard, R. Smith, von Haefen, Winslow.

Insurance Representatives Humphrey, Setzer; Chairs; Representatives Bumgardner, Lucas, Sasser, Willingham; Vice Chairs; Representatives K. Baker, Cleveland, Garrison, Gill, Graham, K. Hall, Howard, Lambeth, McElraft, Pierce, Potts, Roberson, Tyson, Warren, Wray.

Judiciary 1 Representative Davis; Chair; Representative Mills; Vice Chair; Representatives Carter, Gill, Harrison, Hunt, A. Jones, Potts, Saine, Sauls.

Judiciary 2 Representatives Richardson, Stevens; Chairs; Representatives Greene, McNeill; Vice Chairs; Representatives Bradford, Hardister, John, Morey, Reives, C. Smith.

Judiciary 3 Representatives Rogers, Zachary; Chairs; Representative Miller; Vice Chair; Representatives Arp, Brown, Butler, Clampitt, Faircloth, Harris, Martin.

Judiciary 4 Representative Blackwell; Chair; Representative Adams; Vice Chair; Representatives Alston, Belk, Everitt, Howard, Kidwell, Lofton, McNeely, Zenger.

Land Use Representative Brody; Chair; Representatives Carter, Warren, Winslow; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Ball, Bradford, Cunningham, Dahle, Fisher, Greene, Hurtado, Moffitt.

Local Government Representatives Hanig, Watford; Chairs; Representative Moss; Vice Chair; Representatives Ager, Autry, Boles, Faircloth, Lofton, Sasser, Setzer, R. Smith, von Haefen, Winslow.

Marine Resources and Aqua Culture Representative Hanig; Chair; Representative Cleveland; Vice Chair; Representatives Clemmons, Goodwin, Harris, Harrison, Hawkins, Iler, Kidwell, Rogers, Yarborough.

Pensions and Retirement Representative McNeill; Chair; Representatives Gill, C. Smith; Vice Chairs; Representatives Elmore, Hurley, Lambeth, Martin, Quick, Roberson.

Redistricting Representative D. Hall; Chair; Representatives Richardson, Saine, Torbett; Vice Chairs; Representatives Brockman, Carney, Cooper-Suggs, Dixon, Hardister, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkins, Mills, Reives, Rogers, Sauls, Szoka, Zachary.

Regulatory Reform Representative Riddell; Chair; Representatives Bradford, Moffitt, Yarborough; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Ager, A. Baker, Belk, Brody, Brown, Johnson, A. Jones, Kidwell, McElraft, Meyer, Paré, Stevens, Zenger.

Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Representative D. Hall; Chair; Representatives Hastings, B. Jones, Szoka, Torbett; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adcock, Bell, Boles, Brisson, Bumgardner, Carney, Cunningham, Davis, Dixon, Hardister, Hunter, Mills, Paré, Quick, Reives, Richardson, Saine, Willingham, Wray.

State Government Representative Torbett; Chair; Representatives Boles, Cleveland, Watford; Vice Chairs; Representatives A. Baker, Quick, von Haefen, Warren, Wheatley.

State Personnel Representative Warren; Chair; Representatives Greene, Penny; Vice Chairs; Representatives Goodwin, Logan, Roberson, Willingham, Zenger.

Transportation Representatives Iler, B. Jones, Shepard; Chairs; Representatives Cleveland, Moss, Pickett; Vice Chairs; Representatives Adams, Alston, Arp, Belk, Blackwell, Boles, Bumgardner, Butler, Carney, Faircloth, Farkas, Goodwin, Harris, Hawkins, Hunter, John, Martin, McNeill, Miller, Moffitt, Morey, Pless, Richardson, Tyson, Warren, Watford, Willis.

UNC BOG Nominations Representative Hastings; Chair; Representatives Davis, Hardister; Vice Chairs; Representatives K. Baker, A. Jones, Lambeth, Majeed, Richardson, Sauls, Setzer, Torbett, Turner.

Wildlife Resources Representatives Adams, Yarborough; Chairs; Representatives Clampitt, Gillespie, Turner; Vice Chairs; Representatives Ager, Brody, Cunningham, Garrison, Hurtado, Johnson, A. Jones, Lucas, Penny, Pittman, Pless, Rogers, C. Smith.

“I am pleased that my committee assignments reflect my areas of interest and experience including business, taxation, banking, commerce, and transportation,” Rep. Deb Butler said after the committee assignments were announced. “There is much to focus on in these areas and I am rolling up my sleeves to get to work for North Carolina.”

“I am excited to serve on these committees that are so important to the people of our coastal area and across the state,” Rep. Iler said in an email news release regarding his committee assignments. “Transportation, in particular, deals not only with highways, but also with our ports, ferries, airports, rail, and all facets of passenger and freight transportation.  Election law, Education, and Environment are critical at this time.  Marine Resources is a newly revived committee and should be impactful for our coast.  I thank the Speaker for honoring my committee assignment requests.”

Senate committee assignments as announced by Sen. Berger:

Agriculture, Energy, and Environment Sens. Norman Sanderson (chair), Brent Jackson (chair), Chuck Edwards (chair), Lisa Stone Barnes, Jim Burgin, David Craven, Steve Jarvis, Tom McInnis, Paul Newton, Dean Proctor, Bob Steinburg, Don Davis, Toby Fitch, Michael Garrett, Jeff Jackson, Natalie Murdock, and DeAndrea Salvador

Base Budget Sens. Brent Jackson (chair), Kathy Harrington (chair), Ralph Hise (chair), Ted Alexander, Deanna Ballard, Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Warren Daniel, Carl Ford, Joyce Krawiec, Michael Lee, Tom McInnis, Jim Perry, Bill Rabon, Norman Sanderson, Vickie Sawyer, Dan Blue, Jay Chaudhuri, Ben Clark, Kirk deViere, Natasha Marcus, Mujtaba Mohammed, Gladys Robinson, and Mike Woodard

Commerce and Insurance Sens. Tom McInnis (chair), Todd Johnson (chair), Chuck Edwards (chair), Ted Alexander, Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Jim Burgin, Kevin Corbin, David Craven, Brent Jackson, Paul Newton, Vickie Sawyer, Bob Steinburg, Ben Clark, Kirk deViere, Valerie Foushee, Michael Garrett, Paul Lowe, and Gladys Robinson

Education/Higher Education Sens. Deanna Ballard (chair), Michael Lee (chair), Lisa Stone Barnes, Kevin Corbin, David Craven, Amy Scott Galey, Michael Lazarra, Tom McInnis, Dean Proctor, Norman Sanderson, Vickie Sawyer, Jay Chaudhuri, Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, Gladys Robinson, and Joyce Waddell

Finance Sens. Paul Newton (chair), Bill Rabon (chair), Warren Daniel (chair), Ted Alexander, Deanna Ballard, Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Chuck Edwards, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Brent Jackson, Todd Johnson, Joyce Krawiec, Michael Lee, Jim Perry, Vickie Sawyer, Dan Blue, Ben Clark, Toby Fitch, Valerie Foushee, Paul Lowe, Gladys Robinson, Joyce Waddell, and Mike Woodard

Health Care Sens. Joyce Krawiec (chair), Jim Burgin (chair), Jim Perry (chair), Deanna Ballard, Lisa Stone Barnes, Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Ralph Hise, Steve Jarvis, Todd Johnson, Michael Lee, Sarah Crawford, Don Davis, Mujtaba Mohammed, Gladys Robinson, and Mike Woodard

Judiciary Sens. Danny Earl Britt, Jr., (chair), Norman Sanderson (chair), Warren Daniel, Chuck Edwards, Amy Scott Galey, Kathy Harrington, Michael Lazarra, Michael Lee, Paul Newton, Bob Steinburg, Dan Blue, Toby Fitch, Jeff Jackson, Natasha Marcus, Mujtaba Mohammed, and Wiley Nickel

Pensions Sens. Deanna Ballard (chair), Kathy Harrington (chair), Joyce Krawiec (chair), Ted Alexander, Jim Burgin, Carl Ford, Ralph Hise, Jim Perry, Bill Rabon, Bob Steinburg, Ernestine Bazemore, Jay Chaudhuri, Wiley Nickel, and Joyce Waddell

Redistricting Sens. Warren Daniel (chair), Ralph Hise (chair), Paul Newton (chair), Chuck Edwards, Carl Ford, Kathy Harrington, Brent Jackson, Joyce Krawiec, Jim Perry, Bill Rabon, Dan Blue, Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, Paul Lowe, and Wiley Nickel

Rules Sen. Bill Rabon (chair), Deanna Ballard, Warren Daniel, Chuck Edwards, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Brent Jackson, Todd Johnson, Joyce Krawiec, Tom McInnis, Paul Newton, Jim Perry, Norman Sanderson, Dan Blue, Jay Chaudhuri, Ben Clark, Don Davis, Paul Lowe, Joyce Waddell, and Mike Woodard

State and Local Government Sens. Ted Alexander (chair), Carl Ford (chair), Bob Steinburg (chair), Kevin Corbin, David Craven, Amy Scott Galey, Steve Jarvis, Michael Lazarra, Dean Proctor, Norman Sanderson, Ernestine Bazemore, Sarah Crawford, Jeff Jackson, Natasha Marcus, Julie Mayfield, and DeAndrea Salvador

Transportation Sens. Tom McInnis (chair), Vickie Sawyer (chair), Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (chair), Jim Burgin, Warren Daniel, Carl Ford, Kathy Harrington, Todd Johnson, Dean Proctor, Bill Rabon, Kirk deViere, Toby Fitch, Michael Garrett, Jeff Jackson, Julie Mayfield, and Natalie Murdock

Select Committee on Nominations Sens. Bill Rabon (chair), Deanna Ballard, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Brent Jackson, Joyce Krawiec, Norman Sanderson, Dan Blue, Don Davis, Valerie Foushee, and Gladys Robinson

Select Committee on Prison Safety Sens. Bob Steinburg (chair), Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Jim Burgin, Warren Daniel, Kathy Harrington, Ralph Hise, Tom McInnis, Norman Sanderson, Toby Fitch, Mujtaba Mohammed, Natalie Murdock, and Joyce Waddell

Appropriations on Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Sens. Norman Sanderson (chair), Todd Johnson (chair), Chuck Edwards (chair), Lisa Stone Barnes, Tom McInnis, Paul Newton, Natasha Marcus, Julie Mayfield, Mujtaba Mohammed, and DeAndrea Salvador

Appropriations on Education Sens. Deanna Ballard (chair), Michael Lee (chair), Ted Alexander, Kevin Corbin, David Craven, Norman Sanderson, Jay Chaudhuri, Don Davis, and Valerie Foushee

Appropriations on General Government Sens. Ted Alexander (chair), Carl Ford (chair), Bob Steinburg (chair), Michael Lazarra, Ernestine Bazemore, Sarah Crawford, and Wiley Nickel

Appropriations on Health and Human Services Sens. Joyce Krawiec (chair), Jim Burgin (chair), Jim Perry (chair), Deanna Ballard, Steve Jarvis, Paul Lowe, Natalie Murdock, Gladys Robinson, and Joyce Waddell

Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety Sens. Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (chair), Warren Daniel (chair), Amy Scott Galey, Bob Steinburg, Dan Blue, Toby Fitch, and Jeff Jackson

Appropriations on Transportation Sens. Tom McInnis (chair), Vickie Sawyer (chair), Dean Proctor, Bill Rabon, Kirk deViere, Michael Garrett, and Mike Woodard

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