Leland Police heads down path of self-improvement after recent reform initiative

Leland Police Department is working on self-improvement

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Leland Police Department is working on self improvement after participating in a reform initiative last year.

The Collaborative Reform Initiative takes a look inside participating police departments. It allows agencies to identify their strengths and also see in which areas they could improve.

For Leland, the police department found that its training process was its strong suit, but it needs some work when it comes to recruitment and retaining employees.

“This is kind of a nationwide issue with getting quality applicants who want to enter the profession of law enforcement, especially this past year when there was so much negative attention brought to the profession,”said Chief Brad Shirley. “It’s been difficult.”

Shirley said the department is always looking to make changes to improve its functions.

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