NHCS parents and students rally for kids to go back to school

Student and parents hold demonstration

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover county students along with their parents held a rally to show support in favor of moving to Plan A on Sunday.

Students returned to school virtually after the holiday break and they expected to transition to plan A on Jan. 19, but on the Jan. 13, the board voted to delay that transition indefinitely. Instead, they decided to resume Plan B on Jan. 25. leaving some students and parents very frustrated.

“We’re not getting the education we deserve and the education we need,” said Ella Dixon-Kline a Sophomore at Laney High school.

Students aren’t returning back to school until the because the district said they needed at least a week and a half to sort out the logistics. They were ready for Plan A, but now they need to plan for things like transportation since they are being reverted to Plan B.

Both the parents and students say it’s not only affecting how they are doing academically but also emotionally.

“It’s all messed up right now, everything is messed up. It’s hard on the teachers too. You got to take into consideration. They’re trying their best to and it’s putting a lot on the teachers, so it’s putting a lot on everybody,” Kenan Eberhart and Bryce Alkins said.

All the people who attended the rally Sunday say they know some people are and want to remain 100% in remote learning. They just think everyone should have a choice.

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