Comedian Cliff Cash is more than ‘Half Way There’

The comedian, whose home club is Dead Crow Comedy in Wilmington, released a new album titled ‘Half Way There’

Comedian Cliff Cash is more than ‘Half Way There’

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Don’t let the title fool you. Cliff Cash is more than ‘Half Way There.’

The comedian, whose home club is Dead Crow Comedy in Wilmington, released a new album titled ‘Half Way There’ earlier this month.

“I named this ‘Half Way There’ because I recorded this sort of halfway to where I am now, halfway along my comedy journey. So, I recorded this way before I was super famous,” he joked.

Cash, who is originally from Gastonia, NC, recorded the album at Dead Crow a few years ago.

“It’s several years old but it was a good enough recording and a great crowd and I just felt good about it,” he said. “I was waiting for the right opportunity to do some thing kind of bigger scale with it and I met the owner of the record label Stand Up! Records and they’ve done albums for like Patton Oswald, Hannibal Buress, David Cross, Maria Bamford, all kinds of great comics, Marc Maron. So, he heard me perform in Austin, Texas and after the show he just said, his only words he said, ‘Smart. Funny. I’m a fan.’”

The two later connected and Cash shared his recording. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I’m really excited to have it out and with such an awesome label too,” he said.

Cash is also grateful to the owners and operators of Dead Crow, where he filmed the album.

“Dead Crow is my home club in Wilmington,” he said. “Timmy Sherrill and Cole Craven have done an amazing job putting that club together, along with Aimee Elfers, who runs it, and we’re all lucky to have them because that’s a really amazing club for a town the size of Wilmington. A lot of cities five times the size of Wilmington don’t have a comedy club at all, so we are lucky for those guys’ hard work and their love of comedy. I’m very grateful for them.”

Cash said because he is not touring due to COVID-19, it is rewarding to have the album out.

“It makes me feel like I’m still accomplishing something in the comedy realm because I can’t tour and I really can’t do shows,” he said.

And he feels it is a good time to put something funny into the world.

“I think we all need a little giggle when people are rioting at the capital “for America” and I think everybody needs a laugh right now, and I think the album definitely delivers that,” he said. “For Wilmington people, there’s a lot of mentions of Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach and so I think Wilmington people will dig that and there’s a little bit of political material. It’s a little dated because this was recorded several years ago but it’s still pretty timely with all of the nonsensical conspiracy theories and all that, so I don’t think it’s too dated. Unfortunately America hasn’t grown that much.”

To download the album, click here.

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