NYT: McConnell believes Trump committed impeachable acts

NYT: McConnell believes Trump committed impeachable acts
The "New York Times" is reporting McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses and wants him out of the party.

(CNN) - The New York Times reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks President Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses.

According to the article, McConnell told associates that he is “pleased” Democrats are working to impeach Trump.

McConnell is reportedly furious at the president for inciting a riot at the Capitol that left five people dead.

One source says the two have not spoken since and that McConnell “hates” Trump.

The newspaper reports McConnell thinks an impeachment will help purge the president from the GOP.

It also says he wants to see the specific article of impeachment.

If it passes the House of Representatives, the Senate would vote on whether to convict the president, but McConnell has not said if he would do that.

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