NC Sen. Tillis says he will not object Electoral College votes

NC Sen. Tillis says he will not object Electoral College votes
North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis. (Source: Thom Tillis)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) said he will not object the Electoral vote, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Earlier this week, several North Carolina republican politicians announced their intention to object the electoral votes cast in key states, citing fraud despite no widespread evidence.

In the statement, Tillis said he shares “concerns of many Americans regarding the lack of security of widespread mail-in voting.” He goes on to say he will not oppose certifying the Electoral College votes.

Sen. Richard Burr, the state’s other Republican Senator flatly said “no” when asked if he would support election overturning efforts, according to Politico.

Below is the full statement from Tillis:

The American people should have full faith in our election system, which is why I led the passage of voter ID legislation in North Carolina and why I supported President Trump’s right to call for recounts and bring challenges to the courts. I share the concerns of many Americans regarding the lack of security of widespread mail-in voting and the partisan actions of activist Democratic lawyers who succeeded in making questionable changes to the voting process while Americans were already casting their ballots. Even if it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the election, irregularities and fraud are never acceptable and they should be investigated and prosecuted when appropriate.

“The Framers of our Constitution made it clear that the power to certify elections is reserved to the states, not Congress. Refusing to certify state election results has no viable path to success, and most importantly, it lends legitimacy to the Left’s stated policy objectives of completely federalizing elections and eliminating the Electoral College. Congress should not overstep its Constitutional authority by overturning the results of states and the will of American voters, especially absent legitimate requests from states for Congress to intervene.

“It is a precedent we should not set. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should not have the power to set aside electors after the 2024 election and overrule federal courts and the Constitution as they see fit.

“I was proud to support President Trump’s agenda and campaign with him, and I am deeply disappointed he was not re-elected despite his success in creating jobs, cutting taxes, securing a conservative judiciary, reforming the VA, and rebuilding our military. Although I certainly wish the results were different, Congress cannot change them without inflicting irreparable damage to our Constitutional Republic. I will not oppose the certification of the Electoral College votes, and I will not embolden politicians in the future to appoint our presidents instead of having the American people duly elect them.”

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