Man who heard gunfire while out for a run...ran toward the scene

Man finds gun possibly used in recent Wilmington shooting

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A jogger heard a gunshot while out for a run around Greenfield Lake on Monday...and ran toward the scene.

Sherman Criner said he heard the gunshot coming from the Cypress Grove Apartments off South 17th Street while he was out running Monday afternoon.

“I started hearing some commotion, not screaming or yelling, but just some activity. You could tell something was going on, so I started heading up that way with the thought that, you know, I didn’t obviously think somebody had been shot. I thought it was more that somebody had discharged a gun and then they were maybe trying to subdue somebody or catch somebody running away. And so, since I was running the lake, I figured if I had a description, I could kind of keep my eye out if somebody ran off that way.”

He ran toward the noise from the commotion.

“I went up there and as I came around the corner, I saw two legs kinda sticking out from behind a bush,” said Criner.

He said several people were trying to help the teen and stop the bleeding until EMS got there.

A woman told Criner there was a gun nearby that may have been used in the shooting so he stayed and kept an eye on the weapon until police arrived on the scene.

The victim, who is 18-years-old, is expected to survive.

At the time of writing, no arrests have been made.

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