2021 kicks off with traditions and resolutions

A better 2021 could come with a goal of going to the gym
Updated: Jan. 1, 2021 at 9:51 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - 2021 brings traditions and resolutions for people looking forward to a better year. The parking lot at Casey’s Buffet on Oleander in Wilmington was full of cars.

Black-eyed peas and greens were on most people’s they are believed to bring luck and prosperity.

Other people just wanted things to get back to some sense of normal.

“I want to see COVID go away,” said Michelle Lee. “That’s the biggest change I want. And, just to be happy and enjoy my family and my grandkids.”

Eating at Casey’s is a tradition for Heather Mintz and her family; this year, they came with heavy hearts.

“We’ve had a really rough 2020 this year,” said Mintz. We lost quite a few family members so we’re just wishing for a better 2021.”

A better 2021 could come with a goal of going to the gym. For Hayley Wilson, she’s celebrating the new year getting a workout in. Fitness is something she’s committed to.

“When you first start out, it’s like you have to do it,” said Wilson. “But some days you feel like you just have to do it because you’re not mentally there that day. Or maybe you work too long, or you don’t feel that good. But it’s more of a hobby at this point. I like to come here; I like to work out.”

COVID-19 restrictions hit gyms and fitness centers hard, closing them for months. With gyms back open now, operators are slowly seeing people return.

Jacob Fields of O2 Fitness on Racine Drive in Wilmington says working out is safe and comes with huge benefits.

“Working out is going to help; it’s going to strengthen your immune system; it’s going to decrease your chance of injury,” said Fields. “There are so many potential benefits just setting foot in here.”

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