‘It’s been the best year we ever had,’ Holiday decorating company sees record growth amid pandemic

Updated: Dec. 20, 2020 at 5:35 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) -The year 2020 has been full of unprecedented challenges, but it could also be the reason streets are a little brighter this year.

Cape Fear- based lighting company “Let There Be Light” has been installing Christmas lights for a decade now, but going into the 2020 season, owner Travis Plymell admits he wasn’t sure how the year would unravel.

“It has been a fantastic year. It’s been the best year we ever had, quite honestly,” said Plymell.

Plymell says the business saw a lot of new homeowners calling for the very first time, but reported a loss in their returning customers. The owner believes the lifestyle changes many have made in the face of the pandemic are behind the shift in business.

“From what I can tell, a lot of people are staying at home, a lot of people are not going out to eat, a lot of people are not traveling, so I assume the discretionary funds are a little bit higher this year and people want to enjoy being at home, so they’re letting us leave their house up,” said Plymell.

This year was the first time the Neuwith family contacted a business to deck out their house with Christmas lights. The family says they’ve enjoyed driving around and looking at their neighbor’s lights and they wanted to spread the cheer themselves this year.

“We’re not able to spend time with our family like we used to. [My wife’s] uncle has a big get together and we’re not able to do that this year,” said homeowner Charles Neuwitth. “It makes you feel better, so why not do it?”

The family isnt alone either: a survey from the National Retail Association says more people are interested in holiday decorations and seasonal items than usual this year because of the pandemic.

Its a 2020 trend people like Plymell are delighted to hear about.

“The guys love what they do, they always enjoy themselves and the homeowners really love it, the kids love it, so it’s a big blessing to be able to do what we do and be successful at it,” said Plymell.

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