Two dogs dumped by the roadside, may be linked to dog fighting ring

Authorities investigate possible dog fighting ring

COLUMBUS COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - A concerned citizen called Columbus County Animal Shelter, Friday December 4, to report two dead dogs were lying beside the road on Georgia Pacific Road between Chadbourn and Whiteville.

Upon arrival at the scene, the animal control officer (ACO) reported that the dogs had not been hit by a vehicle.

Animal Shelter Director Loretta Shipman visited the scene and confirmed this was not an accident but more likely the result of animal cruelty.

Based on 10 years of knowledge and training, Shipman suggested, “these could possibly have been bait dogs to be killed and thrown outside the road.”

It was not clear who the owners of the dogs were or who might be responsible for the death of the dogs; the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating.

Shipman shared in an email that the county is aware of dog fighting rings and wants the public to know these will not be tolerated.

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