Raleigh day care employee charged, fired after allegedly grabbing 1-year-old by throat

Raleigh day care employee charged, fired after allegedly grabbing 1-year-old by throat
Christine Eaves (Source: WNCN)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh day care worker is accused of assaulting a 1-year-old while at work.

Christine Eaves, 51, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse and assault on a child under 12. According to court documents, she grabbed the child by the throat for two seconds.

“I just felt bad because I wasn’t there to protect him. I dropped him off thinking that he would be protected. I trusted them to protect my children,” said the boy’s mom, Angelica Glover.

Glover said she didn’t learn about what happened at Appletree Child Development Center until Tuesday after a friend called her. Glover immediately called Raleigh police and went to the school to review the security footage of the incident.

“I was very enraged. I was very sad,” she said.

Glover said her son’s pediatrician found bruising on the boy’s neck. He’s doing fine otherwise.

According to court documents, the incident happened Friday. Glover said she’s upset she wasn’t informed right away.

“When incidents happen, the parents need to be made aware, especially something to this degree. There could have been something wrong with him internally that I should have known about as soon as possible,” she said.

The president and owner of Appletree Child Development, Carolyn Driggers, said the incident happened at 4:30 p.m. on Friday and a teacher notified the day care director between 4:50 and 4:55 p.m. during parent pickup.

“I don’t know if the director, if it slipped her mind once she was notified and forgot about it. I have no idea. I can’t speak for her, but the tape was not reviewed that day,” Diggers said. “Over the weekend, the director was notified she had come in contact with somebody that had COVID-19, so the director was out Monday.”

Diggers said she was notified Monday morning and reviewed the surveillance video of the incident. She said the employee was terminated immediately, citing their zero-tolerance policy.

She said the teacher who notified the director Friday did the right thing, and the incident should have been dealt with as soon as it was reported.

“Whenever someone brings you a concern, it should be immediately investigated regardless of what time of the day it is to find out if anything has happened because our job is to protect all children,” Diggers said.

Diggers said they planned to notify Glover, but were busy dealing with the incident and a COVID-19 incident. She said a former employee reached out to Glover before they had the chance.

Eaves is due in court next month.

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