Puppy found wrapped in garbage bags in Charlotte dumpster - now up for adoption

WBTV(Charlotte Animal Care and Control)
Updated: Dec. 7, 2020 at 11:20 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s a case of animal abuse case so troubling, it shook many people who work with animals to their core.

A weeks-old puppy was bound and thrown into a dumpster on a bitterly cold and rainy night. No one even knows how long it was there. But workers at a gas station heard the dog’s cries and called for help.

“It was probably one of my last calls for the night. A call came in that there was a deceased puppy in a trash bag in a dumpster,” Chris Meyer said.

Chris Meyer is an enforcement officer for animal care and control. Up until last week, he thought he had seen some horrible things that people can do to animals. But this one was worse.

“Since I’ve been on the job since March this is number one for me, this is number one,” Meyer said.

The puppy was found in the dumpster behind a Citgo gas station on Sugar Creek Drive. It was stuffed into two trash bags then tied up with a rope.

“It was suffocating. You’re a special kind of monster to do that to an animal.” said Meyer.

A cleaning crew found the dog and was able to get it out of the bag before it was too late. Alex Cherry was part of the team at Animal Care and Control waiting for the puppy to arrive at the shelter.

“Covered him up with blankets, anything we could do to get him warm at that point is was what’s going to keep him alive? We don’t need to worry about vaccines we just need to keep him alive.” described Cherry.

The dog was suffering with lung damage from the lack of oxygen.

“His lungs were really bad; he was having trouble breathing.” Cherry said.

What could have been a story about the cruelness of humanity, instead is a celebration of its kindness. Because today, little Cain as he is now known is in foster care waiting for his forever home.

“He’s loveable, he’ll sit on your lap, he loves to give kisses,” Amy Merrill said.

Amy Merrill is with South Charlotte Dog Rescue an organization helping hardship cases like Cain’s.

“For what he’s been through he’s got a great temperament, he’s a great boy,” Merrill said.

But what happened to this little pit, haunts many in the rescue. Danielle Spuler is with South Charlotte Dog Rescue.

“But to know that someone physically wrapped a puppy tapped in a garbage bag, disposed of it like trash, is disgusting. It gives you a sick feeling inside,” Spuler said.

The investigation is still ongoing. Gas station surveillance cameras may help, but officials are hoping someone steps forward to make sure the person who did this – never does this again.

“I hope with the new story someone will actually call and give us some info because I really want to find out who did this.” said officer Meyer.

If you’re interested in adopting little Cain, you can fill out an application by clicking here.

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