Carolina Beach locals keep holiday flotilla tradition alive

Unofficial Carolina Beach Flotilla went ahead Friday night

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - COVID-19 concerns caused Carolina Beach to cancel its annual flotilla but that wasn’t going to stop boat owners from keeping the tradition alive on Friday night with the “Knot Your Efficial Carolina Beach Flotilla.”

A few changes were made to this year’s event: no judges, no winners, and no prizes handed out.

“It’s a tradition that we wanted to continue if we could,” said Flotilla organizer Laura Snow. “It wasn’t hard at all. We put it out on Facebook and so many boats signed up immediately and the support of everyone wanting to watch it has been incredible.”

“It just boosts the morale of the area,” added Angus Kiffe. “Especially with the hard times that we have right now. Love these guys I work with, all these guys. It’s just a really good event and hope it brings up everyone’s spirits during the holidays.”

Bill Smith and his wife have been coming to the flotilla for years. They have concerns about COVID-19 but didn’t want to miss the show.

“We’ve been very cautious about what we’ve been doing because of our age,” said Smith. “But we’re also trying to get out and make things happen and support the local economy here...some of the shops, some of the restaurants; we still partake of that.”

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