Two Wilmington Axe throwers ready to battle at World Championships

Wilmington axe throwers prepare for world championship

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Two axe throwers from Wilmington are taking aim at bringing home a championship.

Daniel Murray and Alexander Spurdens have both qualified to take part in the Axe Throwing World Championships on December 6 in Atlanta.

Not familiar with the sport? Spurdens says it’s a lot like throwing darts.

“I’m just relaxed about it,” said Spurdens. “I set myself up and get myself into my position. Just aim at it and say follow through and point my hand right at that bull’s-eye. And the axe gets there.”

The two will be going up against the best axe throwers in the world. And, to get ready they both put in long hours sharpening their skills.

“It’s all just muscle memory,” said Murray. “Once you get the mechanics down it’s all about finesse and technique, rather than power and throwing the axe hard. It just becomes muscle memory once you do it enough.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Murray has been taking part in tournament over video and believes it’s a benefit so far.

“I was able to throw against some of the best guys in the world,” said Murray. “Some of the guys that I see on TV doing that. I was actually able to hold my own and be competitive. I actually won the first major competitive tournament they had in that league. So that kind of gave me the incentive to try to take it seriously and do a little bit more practicing.”

There are different levels of competition, based on the size of the axes. Both of these guys are fairly new to this relatively new sport and hope to make a mark at the championship level.

“The big axes are definitely my forte that I’m better at,” said Murray. “I expect to be in the final six for that. Hatchet throwing—we’ll see what happens with that.”

“I am very competitive my nature is just trying to be better than everyone else—win whatever I can,” added Spurdens. “So I think competitively, make myself improve, and get better at it.”

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