Bladen County commissioner election still contested

Bladen County Commissioner refuses to concede

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Bladen County commissioner David Gooden isn’t ready to concede in his race for another four years as an at-large member of the board.

After election night, Gooden trailed G. Michael Cogdell by ten votes. After a machine recount on Saturday, Cogdell’s lead was eleven votes.

“We feel like there are some votes out there that are not legal,” said Gooden. “I’m just like President Trump, I want the legal votes counted.”

When asked where he thinks the illegal votes came from, or who is responsible, Gooden said he would rather not comment.

Fellow commissioner G. Michael Cogdell believes the election process will determine the winner. “The only thing to do is let the process work its way out,” said Cogdell.

“They did a recount which he asked for which was ordered by law. And those numbers came out with me up by eleven. But if there are any other legal remedies that he feels he can exhaust, that’s his pleasure.”

Gooden said he plans to look at all his options as far as contesting the election results. Without saying what those options could include, he would not set a timetable on when to end the process.

“I will say enough is enough when I determine there is no way to get ahead,” said Gooden.

Cogdell says until the results are declared final and official and there are no more potential challenges, he will continue to do the job voters elected him to do four years ago.

“I represent my constituents to the best of my ability and the citizens of Bladen County,” said Cogdell, “That’s what I do every time I come into this meeting. So, if there is no conflict with me doing what I was elected to do.”

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