Rouzer reacts to projected Biden victory

Rouzer reacts to projected Biden victory
David Rouzer (Source: Gray TV)

WASHINGTON (WECT) - While many are moving forward with the assumption that Joe Biden has received enough votes to win the race in the Electoral College, Seventh District Congressman David Rouzer told the Gray Television Washington News Bureau team that several steps need to play out before that happens.

“There are two things that I think need to play out," Rouzer said. "One, I think we need to see exactly what the final vote tally is. Then two, we need to see how this plays out in the courts to determine which states complied with the law and which states perhaps did not. So we’ll just have to wait and see where we are.”

The congressman went on to add that he thinks those who voted for Biden and those who voted for President Trump all want to know that it is a fair and honest count.

His interview can be heard below:

Rep. David Rouzer reacts to projected Biden victory

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