Former college coach remembers Carly Baron

Former CFCC basketball coach remembers Carly Baron

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The news of the death of Carly Baron came as a shock to her former college basketball coach Lori Drake.

Drake coached Baron for the 2017-2018 season at Cape Fear Community College.

“I found myself laughing at things that we used to do and then all of a sudden I started crying,” said Drake. “I am an emotional basket case right now.”

While Baron wasn’t a star for CFCC, Drake says that she’ll always remember her performance in one game.

“I remember we played Lenoir and she came in and hit, like, six three-pointers,” said Drake. “She was there to be the best teammate anyone could have. That spoke volumes to me as far as character goes.”

Along with being a basketball player, Drake remembers supporting Baron as she pursued a modeling career, and just recently spoke to her.

“She was just in her...” said Drake. “...she was just blossoming and she was just at the beginning of it—23 years old—and it’s a tough pill to swallow; it hurts.”

District Attorney for New Hanover and Pender Counties Ben David couldn’t speak about any of the details of the incident but had this to say.

“Bad things truly happen to good people,” said David. “When they do, they come into this building and I get to meet their families. And I met a great family today who has a lot of grief right now and a lot of questions that need answers. It’s going to be our job in the criminal justice system to try to answer those questions...after a thorough investigation and court proceedings have been conducted.”

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