Pistol permits on the rise in New Hanover County

NHC has seen a rise in gun permits, many for women

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - More people have their sights set on carrying handguns in New Hanover County.

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, 258 pistol permits were approved in August of 2019; that number soared to 906 in August of 2020.

Rainelle Mishoe just took a firearms safety course to get her concealed carry permit, something she says she should have done a long time ago.

“I think it was important to get it before the election because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Mishoe. “We understand lots of people that have bought guns this year. It took us about eight weeks to get the permit just to buy the gun much less conceal and carry. The main reason is I should’ve done it a long time ago because I sell real estate.”

J.R. Triggs is the owner of Jim’s Pawn and Gun store in Wilmington and says he’s seen more women coming into the store looking to buy handguns.

“Most of them are looking for a manageable firearm that they can manipulate themselves,” says Triggs. “They are looking for something concealed perhaps, and to protect themselves with.”

Mishoe says protection is the main reason she decided to become a gun owner and the class gave her a new perspective on when it should be used.

“I laugh and tell my friends, ‘If someone comes in your front door, what are you gonna do?’” said Mishoe. “Because if someone comes in my front door, they are not going to get out alive. Until I took the class and realized it’s not that cut and dry. You’re supposed to try everything you can do before you shoot anybody.”

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