Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Spears talks climate change, voting at Biden Campaign event

Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Spears talks climate change, voting at Biden Campaign event
Wilmington City Councilman speaks at Biden Harris campaign event Saturday. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Biden for President North Carolina Campaign hosted a press conference in Wilmington Saturday.

The ‘Vote Our Future’ press conference featured four speakers: Candidate for NC House district 20, Adam Ericson; UNCW Professor Bob Cutting, The Eastern Regional Director for Young Democrats of North Carolina, Samuel Johnson; and Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Spears.

The main focus for the speakers was climate change.

“We know that pollution disproportionately harms communities of color and low-income Americans,” Councilman Spears said. “People of color and low income communities are more likely to live in areas most vulnerable to flooding and other climate change related weather events. They’re also less likely to have funds to prepare for and recover from extreme weather. The Biden administration will take action against fossil fuel companies who put profit over people and knowingly harm our communities land, air, and water.”

Spears, along with the other speakers, spoke about how the storms we face here in southeastern North Carolina are part of a climate emergency.

“We know, first-hand, the devastating effects of climate change,” Ericson said. “We’ve seen hurricane seasons lengthen and storms strengthen. Around the country we have communities experiencing record droughts and wildfires raging out of control. Joe Biden has bold a plan; a clean energy revolution to address this grave threat and lead the world in addressing the climate emergency."

Spears also spoke on healthcare, endorsing Biden’s plan.

“Joe Biden has a plan to build on the Affordable Care Act by making healthcare more affordable and accessible,” said Spears. “All of which will benefit North Carolinians and help address the health disparities we unfortunately see between races.”

Voting was a topic each speaker touched on saying how it’s more important than ever to get out and vote.

“What North Carolinians do over the coming days can literally shape the future of this city and this world,” Spears said. “We have the power to take control, we just need to go vote.”

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