Wilmington police swear in their newest K9s

Wilmington police swear in their newest K9s

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Wilmington Police Department welcomed three new four-legged officers Friday.

The WPD held a swearing-in ceremony for two new members of the WPD K9 unit - Rudy and Blu - and an explosives detection dog - Marian.

Rudy and Blu will be replacing two K9s who will soon be retiring from the unit.

“They keep officers safe. The things they can do and see and find are things that, you know we wouldn’t be able to," said Joseph Delguerico, a WPD K9 officer. "If someone is running and throws a gun, it could take 30 officers to line up in a row and walk and find the gun. A dog would be able to find it a lot quicker and that’s getting a gun off the street or a gun somewhere.”

Blu was given his name courtesy of a naming contest held by the WPD.

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