Wilmington City Council gets update on COVID-19

Dr. Philip Brown reports COVID will be here for a while longer

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover Regional Medical Center Chief Physician Dr. Philip Brown gave the Wilmington City Council an update on the COVID-19 pandemic during its meeting on Tuesday.

Brown told the city council there has been an increase in cases in the area the hospital serves. This comes after the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported the state’s two highest totals for new cases of the coronavirus last Thursday and Friday. Also, Tuesday, North Carolina recorded the highest single day increase in COVID deaths since the pandemic began.

Brown stresses the importance of people continuing to wear masks.

“It’s not time to quit; we need to stick with it,” said Dr. Brown. “It’s the number one thing we can do to control COVID is to use widespread masking. We are going to have to do this for several more months and close into the summer, I would think.”

Brown says that the increase in cases has been expected, but a large spike could be coming.

“This is not the big peak that we are going to see in January and February. But we are on the way up. We have seen our numbers from the hospital, from the teens a couple of weeks ago are now into the mid-thirties. So, we are seeing an increased number of patients and the number of patients that are getting sick.”

Brown says that the upcoming holiday season could bring another spike in cases if individuals let their guard down and get complacent on prevention measures.

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