Cameron Art Museum celebrates 19th Amendment with community art project

Cameron Art Museum celebrates 19th Amendment with community art project

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The words of the 19th Amendment are on display outside the Cameron Art Museum as part of a community art project.

The museum marked the Women’s Suffrage Centennial with a banner created with the help of more than 140 artists, quilters, textile artists, students and community members.

The 12′ wide by 16′ tall banner will be displayed outside CAM through election day, Nov. 3.

Some of the tiles celebrate the original suffragists, others celebrate modern icons of women’s rights, including the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“It’s been a real journey in history,” said , Nan Pope, director of community engagement at CAM. “It’s an honor to celebrate the women. We’ve all heard of Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul but there’s Lucretia Mott and Ida B. Wells, there are so many people that were involved in different levels and it’s nice to come and see it and hopefully we would like to spark people’s interest in history.”

Participants designed individual letters of the amendment or wrote stories about why voting is important to them.

“It says so much about women and their history,” said September Krueger, CAM’s director of lifelong learning. “We have things here made by people as young as nine and as old as women in their 80s. So, you get this sense many generations are taking part in the project and I can just imagine the stories shared around tables as women were working on these and talking to their daughters about what it meant to vote for the first time and also recognizing how much we need to tell the story more and more about what suffrage was like and what the journey was like for women to get that right.”

The 19th Amendment Project is just part of the museum’s celebration of the 100 year anniversary of women earning the right to vote.

CAM’s new exhibition She Persists opened September 12 and explores the ways in which female artists persist through art in their lives, communities and world.

To learn more about the exhibition and the other works at the museum, click here.

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