Autopsy reveals more details about Kim Bland’s 2019 killing, suspect denied bond reduction

Man accused of murder denied bond reduction

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Nearly a year after her death, Kim Bland’s autopsy reveals gruesome details of her murder.

According to the report, Bland was stabbed a total 28 times, 24 in her torso and four in her legs and arms. It happened in November 2019 in her apartment on Randall Parkway in Wilmington. Her body was found behind a couch, wrapped in trash bags, and rolled up inside a rug.

Just a few days after Bland was found dead, authorities in Virginia arrested her roommate, Andrew Boynton, after he was found with her car. He was later extradited to New Hanover County and charged with first-degree murder.

A bond reduction hearing was held for Boynton Wednesday morning in New Hanover County. A judge denied Boynton’s request. Bland’s friends, Margaret Collins and Legare Simpson, attending Wednesday’s hearing.

“We all looked at him and he looked at us, he acknowledged our presence,” said Collins.

“And he knows us very well,” said Simpson. “He knows that we’re helping [law enforcement]. That was our fear today; that he could possibly be back out and it was a scary thought."

Collins and Simpson were not only friends with Bland, but they knew Boynton as well. They said when they heard Bland was missing, the first person they thought to call was Boynton.

“We knew he was temporarily staying with her,” said Collins. “He was just pulling out these, you could tell, they were just wild stories about where she was and none of it rang true to me. Then we just became more suspicious.”

That’s when the two began working with detectives and realized Boynton was possibly not the person they thought he was.

“We were terrified,” said Collins.

A trial date in Boynton’s case has not yet been scheduled, according to the District Attorney’s Office. This case is still under investigation.

“We’ll do anything we can to help her cause,” said Collins. “When he’s in court, we’re in court.”

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Bland was known for her involvement in Wilmington’s film industry.

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