COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Smart oven needed for food sciences class at elementary school

Elementary school teacher seeks funding for smart oven to teach food sciences

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Teaching students at a young age how to prepare food is the goal of an elementary school teacher in Brunswick County.

Holly Majewski, a S.T.E.M. elective class teacher at Belville Elementary, is hoping to purchase a Breville Smart Oven through the Donors Choose website, an online charity that helps local teachers get funding for school projects.

“Students will be engaged in food preparation from making sandwiches, baking pizzas, and designing cookies and cakes,” Majewski says. “Food preparation is a basic life skill that many students need to have, especially when they are responsible for developing healthy eating habits. Because this oven will fit with many different topics, including food preparation, it can challenge students further to use their critical thinking and cooperative group skills to complete a task.”

Majewski says the food sciences unit at Belville Elementary is essential to students to explore opportunities available to them in the future.

“The interest level in food preparation and science has grown considerably among elementary-aged kids in the past few years,” Majewski said on the Donors Choose website. “To support and apply the learning of STEM and to also support the growing talents of my students, a further exploration in food sciences will be both beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and also untapped creativity.”

Ms. Majewski’s needs to raise $491. Once her project is fully funded, Donors Choose will purchase the oven and deliver it to the school.

If you would like to donate to Ms. Majewski’s project, click here.

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