A look inside Brunswick County classrooms before Plan A begins

Full-time in-person learning begins next week for K-5 students in Brunswick County
Updated: Sep. 29, 2020 at 7:44 PM EDT
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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - It’s something we haven’t seen much of this year—students in classrooms. But now that the ball is rolling, students, teachers and families are working through the kinks.

For parents wondering what school will look like when a majority of students in Brunswick County return to the classroom under Plan A on October 5th, here’s a brief overview from Lincoln Elementary School. Social distancing stickers are on the floor, students stand and walk six feet apart and everybody has their own school supplies. But Matt Anderson said the changes really start at home.

“We use a lot of checklists; that way the kids and parents can know what’s expected of them at the time," said Anderson. "Keeping up communication definitely is different.”

Anderson teaches fourth grade math and said the goal is to make everyone comfortable in the classroom, but there is a learning curve.

“The planning is a work in progress as we go,"said Anderson. "Everyday, all teachers are learning, the administration is learning, the parents are learning, the kids are learning what’s going to work best for our particular situation.”

Principal Pamela Biggs said it’s best for both teachers and parents to practice patience as students file back into the school, because sometimes the best lessons in life, aren’t found in a book.

“I would say, give everybody a little bit of extra grace right now; it’s really important," said Biggs. "Help everybody out as much as you can.”

Plan A for K-5 students will start next Monday, on October 5th.

After sending out transfer request forms for remote learning families to come back to class, Brunswick County Schools said there are about 425 requests from families, spread over 10 elementary schools, wanting to move from 100% remote to 100% face-to-face. This shows there is enthusiasm to get students back in the classroom and family life back to normal.

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