Two New Hanover County Schools honored with national health award

Two NHC schools given high honors for health

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Two schools in New Hanover County were presented with national awards this week.

Alliance For a Healthier Generation recognized Southeast Area Technical High School and Williston Middle School for being among Americas healthiest schools.

Both schools won the award for prioritizing nutrition, physical activity and strong wellness policies in place before schools closed due to the pandemic.

Only three schools were presented the award in the entire state of North Carolina.

“We are just so excited and honored to be recognized for the things that we’re doing here at SEA Tech as well we know it’s great and we know we’re doing great things it’s just great to be able to put that out there so everyone knows good things are happening here,” said school counselor Heather Appleton.

“Nobody will ever go wrong when focusing on health and wellness. I tell my students all the time that if they are not healthy, they will not be happy. It is easy to let our own health and well-being fall to the wayside as other important events happen during our daily lives. Williston Middle School is a place where everyone in our “Tiger Family” will find support, and I am truly blessed to have such an amazing wellness team to help meet our wellness goals!” said health and P.E. teacher Coach John Giddo.

New superintendent Charles Foust toured SEA Tech Wednesday and got to see some of the programs that make the school stand out, including their new fitness center, gardens and kitchens where healthy meals are made for students and staff.

“I think you’ve gotten the recipe. I think you’ve gotten together and put forth a recipe for other schools to model, to actually take hold of and take the program into other avenues of our district and I think that’s something we may want to take a look at,” said superintendent Dr. Charles Foust.

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