Lara Trump makes ‘Women for Trump’ campaign stop in Wilmington

Lara Trump visited Wilmington this evening

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - President Trump’s daughter-in-law and Wrightsville Beach native, Lara Trump, rounded out two days of campaigning for the president across North Carolina with a quick visit to Wilmington Wednesday night.

She rolled in on a pink ‘Women for Trump’ campaign bus to speak before a small crowd at the New Hanover County Republican Party headquarters on Market Street.

Lara Trump says the President asked for her help winning North Carolina in 2016 and she’s made it her mission to win the state in an even bigger way this November.

“We take every vote very seriously," Lara Trump said. "We want to work for every vote. We play this game like we are behind every second of the game until it’s over and hopefully Donald Trump wins on November 3. This is a crucial state. Whoever wins North Carolina likely is going to win the presidency so we have to win here and as my home state I can tell you that’s what I intend to do.”

Trump said North Carolina will always be home and she told the crowd she loves the state so much she named her daughter ‘Carolina.’

“I just love being from here," Trump said. "I feel so lucky to have grown up here, in Wrightsville Beach, in North Carolina and this will always be my home. I’m here and all across the state and really all across the country encouraging people—make sure you’re registered to vote and get out on November 3rd and vote for Donald Trump.”

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