No Fans: No problem for Coastal Christian volleyball parents

Private school volleyball is streamed for parents to watch

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Even though they aren’t allowed to watch in the gym, parents of Coastal Christian volleyball players don’t have to miss a single serve.

The school has set up a live stream of every home match, and the parents meet at a local restaurant to watch.

“You want to see your kids play,” said Chad O’Shields. “They’ve been practicing. So as a parent, you realize you want to be there and watch it in person. Even though we can’t be there, you still wanted them to play.”

“It’s great because we have such a family camaraderie,” added Cindi Moore. “It’s so nice to be here with one another to cheer the girls on.”

The players may not be able to hear their parents and friends cheer them on from the stands, but they send photos and text messages to show their enthusiasm.

“It’s been really cool they’ve been there; they’ve sent pictures to me to let the girls see what they’re doing,” said coach Dudley Raye. “Seeing their reactions is awesome.”

“Everyone loves seeing us and they can hear us cheer and everything,” added coach junior Mallorie Moore. “It’s kind of like they’re here but not really at the same time.”

Still, for the players, it’s been an adjustment not having parents and fans in the bleachers.

“It was kind of hard just because our parents are some of our biggest supporters,” said junior Kelly McConekey . “Because they know us on and off the court, it was kind of sad. But not necessarily, because they can still see us. I think it’s pretty cool...even though they’re not here, they can still be able to watch us.”

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