“Save Our Town America” helps local business during COVID-19

“Save Our Town America” helps local business during COVID-19

Save Our Town America works to keep local businesses open

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Since March, the coronavirus has put a strain on local businesses; unfortunately, some haven’t survived and have closed for good.

But Our Town America has started a movement called Save Our Town America to help keep local businesses' doors open.

Our Town America mails new homeowners deals to area businesses; Whiskey Trail Pub & Grill owner Chris Levesque jumped on board giving away a twenty-dollar gift card.

“It’s reaching people that are new to the area and familiarizing them with businesses right around them.”

The idea is that if you get a gift card and like the business, there is a good chance you’ll become a repeat customer.

“Welcoming people is a hidden way of advertising,” said Bassam Safi of Our Town America. “It’s actually a way to build a relationship. It’s a soft approach to say, ‘come in and welcome...here’s my gift to you,’ and get to know them and call them by name. It’s huge.”

Levesque says that the program is working for his restaurant, and he can tell by seeing the same faces ordering food.

“And that’s what’s getting us through these times right now,” said Levesque. “People that keep coming back and getting to-go food, coming in and sitting outside, doing whatever they feel comfortable with, but they keep coming back. That’s the whole goal of this thing and right now, that’s extremely crucial.”

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