Surfalorus to make waves in a new way with 2020 film festival

Surfalorus to make waves in a new way with 2020 film festival


The festival kicks off Thurs., Sept. 24 with a drive-in movie at the North Carolina Aquarium at Manteo.

The other three nights of the festival are online, which means film fans can log in and watch the films virtually.

In its ninth year, the festival is a spin off of the popular Cucalorus Festival. And like Cucalorus, Surfalorus will put an emphasis this year on films from a diverse group of filmmakers and about surfers from all backgrounds.

“We’ve got a lot of diversity in this year’s lineup, as Cucalorus has dedicated itself to screening diverse films,” said Zach Hanner, the director of Surfalorus. “We have a couple of films submitted by the professional surfing association that are based on surfers of color. We have one young man who is a south-central Los Angeles resident and surfed when he was a teenager. He is now bringing kids out of his old neighborhood and take them to the beach and he’s teaching them to surf.”

Other films are about those who are defying both racial and gender norms by being surfers.

To watch the films in this year’s festival, click here.

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