Emails reveal some apartment complexes are notifying UNCW of student parties

Emails reveal some apartment complexes are notifying UNCW of student parties

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - At least two off-campus apartment complexes have reported UNCW students to the university for hosting parties that apparently violated the state’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

Last month, Assistant Dean of Students for UNCW Stephanie Ganser asked local apartment complexes to report any students who host parties with more guests allowed under Governor Roy Cooper’s current executive order. The students would then face possible repercussions from the school for violating UNCW’s Code of Student Life.

It appears at least two off-campus apartment complexes have done just that.

Uncommon Wilmington, which is located off Playa Way in Wilmington and is advertised as student living, reported at least two instances to Ganser, one of which reportedly had 50-100 partygoers.

“I wanted to reach out and notify you of a very large party that happened in one our apartments last night, Monday 8/31/2020. Our staff responded to apartment at 11:27 p.m. due to a noise complaint. The door was opened, and staff saw 50-100 people within the apartment. At that time, staff told people to leave. It was hard to tell just how many people were in the unit, but at the very least, it sounds like 50 people is being conservative based on staff reports and what other residents told me they saw on Snapchat,” Leasing Manager for Uncommon Wilmington Shelbea West wrote in an email to Ganser.

Only one of the residents in the apartment is a UNCW student, West said, but she said due to the large nature of the party she figured it was best to reach out to the school.

Another email from West reveals other incidents of violations the apartment complex considered necessary to report to the school.

"We have a unit of UNCW girls that are of concern, who hosted a party Sunday (8/16) night and required our on-call staff to attempt to break up twice. There were an estimated of 30-35 people within the unit.

  • Received noise Complaint call - 11:26pm - went down to check noise complaint and came upon apartment in which there were 6-8 people outside of the unit. Door was open and once I walked in there were at least 30-35 people in the unit. Host did not come forth so I spoke to someone and advised them that if another complaint is made there will be law enforcement on the scene.
  • Received wellness complaint call - 11:54pm - called in stating that the unit at the end of hall of bldg (apartment ) was throwing a party and there were more than 10 people and they were calling to make sure we did something about it due to COVID-19," West said.

The hosts of the party did not want to come forward, however, West said she believed all four residents are students of UNCW.

"I know at least [REDACTED] & [REDACTED] are UNCW students, because the emails I have for them on file are UNCW emails and I’m pretty sure the other two girls are as well but I don’t know for certain. If you need additional information to confirm, I can do that,” West said.

Another apartment complex dedicated to student housing, Redpoint Wilmington, also reported instances for parties, although, both instances had police called to them.

“I was out of the office yesterday but I wanted to let you know about 2 houses that had the police called this weekend for parties. I’m not sure if all residents were home but I listed who lives in the house below and whether or not they put if they are a uncw student on their applications with us,” General Manager Ashley Tuttle said in an email to Ganser.

Students previously said the request from the university felt like an invasion of privacy.

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Dr. Mike Walker replied with the following statement:

“UNCW cannot require local apartment complexes and landlords to provide the university this information. However, in the spirit of attempting to keep our students, their peers, and the broader community safe, we have simply requested that they share information with us if it includes a violation of the Governor’s Executive Order 155. This will enable the university to help further educate our students on the importance of safe behaviors which are critical to exhibit at this time. UNCW has forged excellent relationships with local apartments and we are confident, because they also care about the safety of their tenants, that they will match our efforts to help keep their tenants safe.”

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