Go on a road trip with ‘Our State’ this month

Go on a road trip with ‘Our State’ this month

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - September’s Our State magazine takes readers on a road trip across North Carolina.

“We thought this time of year it’s cooled down a little bit and it’s a great time to catch a drive with the windows down,” said Jeremy Markovich of Our State. “We really wanted to capture that spirit."

The cover features a convertible driving along Highway 12 in the Outer Banks.

“I went up there way back in February just because I was very curious about this question: how do you keep the road in place and how do you keep it from blowing away from hurricanes and wind storms?” he said. “I met some guys that’s their job - the sand blows into the road and they put it right back and it’s really just this interesting idea maybe you don’t think about when you’re out there but you’re constantly fighting nature. It’s this yin and yang between man trying to be able to control something and nature, in some ways you can’t control it, and then in the middle, you have Highway 12, which is this amazing road that opens up the entire Outer Banks.”

Our State also took a road trip to Wilmington to explore a bookish bed and breakfast.

Gwenfar Rohler, who owns Old Books on Front Street, turned her parents home along Market St. into a B&B that showcases a large collection of books.

“Her parents had this house on Market Street and it was this big, gorgeous house and it had this giant library in it,” explained Markovich. “It really inspired her to be a writer and to take that on and so later in life her parents passed and she turned it to a place called Between the Covers and it’s a B&B but also a place really focused on the writers. The pictures inside are amazing and the library with all her old books, you can just stumble around in there and just pull books all day long and crack them open and read. It’s a really really cool place.”

The magazine also looks at the origins of the UNC system, including the effort to get UNC Wilmington under that umbrella.

Those articles and more can be found here.

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