First Alert Forecast: turning comfy here, tropics stay crazy

Your First Alert Forecast from Mon. morning, Sep. 14, 2020

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Good Monday to you and thanks for checking into your First Alert Forecast for the Cape Fear Region! Of all metrics, your forecast is best-framed around humidity...

- For Monday, expect summery humidity levels with dew point temperatures running mainly in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Afternoon shower odds with that: 40%.

- In the middle of the week, a puff of lower dew points in the upper 50s and lower 60s will likely feel refreshing to you. Rain chances with that: a lower 20-30%.

- By Thursday and even more so Friday, the remnants of Gulf Coast Hurricane Sally will bring tropical 70+ dew points and rain chances back up to at least 50%.

- Over the weekend, signs point to a surge of much more crisp air with dew point temperatures at least as low as the 50s and lower odds for rain, too.

Beyond Sally, the Atlantic Basin will continue to support tropical activity this week. Here are the systems and their potential Cape Fear impacts you need to know about...

- Hurricane Paulette will send swells to the Carolinas as it steams over and past Bermuda Monday. The rip current risk will remain elevated at all Cape Fear beaches for most of the week!

- The remnants of Tropical Storm Rene will stay in the central Atlantic Ocean and bring no discernible local impacts.

- Tropical Storm Teddy will intensify over the open Atlantic Ocean this week. Ultimately, some of the swell it generates may reach our shores, too.

- New Tropical Storm Vicky is likely struggle to maintain intensity in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and bring no discernible local impacts.

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