COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Teacher wants to give students a ’digital window into the world of learning’

Teacher at Columbus County School seeks help with Donors Choose project

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - WECT’s Community Classroom this week features a teacher’s Donors Choose project at Hallsboro Artesia Elementary School in Columbus County.

Donors Choose is an online charity that helps teachers raise money for school supplies.

Joan Buck teaches fifth grade at the school. All but four of her students are attending school virtually.

“Due to the pandemic we currently face, students are unable to visit museums or attend field trips,” Buck said on the Donors Choose website. “I want to be able to bring them into real-world issues and teach the state’s curriculum at the same time, but I lack digital resources to meet this requirement.”

Buck’s Donors Choose project is called “A Window of Learning Digitally.” She has set a goal of $214 to purchase scholastic magazines she can use digitally.

“Using Scholastic magazines, will allow me to digitally teach engaging lessons for Social Studies and Science and integrate it with reading,” she said. “The articles in these magazines will provide high interest reading and real-world context; bringing ‘real’ situations and stories to the students.”

Once Ms. Buck’s project is fully funded, Donors Choose will purchase the projects and deliver them to the school.

If you would like to donate to Ms. Buck’s project, click here.

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