UPDATE: New Hanover County Board of Education chair steps down; new chair elected

NHC School Board elects new chair and reopening date discussed

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Stefanie Adams has been elected as the new chair of the New Hanover County Board of Education until the next election in December.

The New Hanover County Board of Education chair Lisa Estep stepped down from her position as chair at a meeting Tuesday, September 1.

Toward the end of Tuesday’s meeting, both Judy Justice and Stefanie Adams had been nominated for the position. Adams was duly elected.

Estep told Justice she stepped down early because she’s leaving in December and wants the new superintendent to work with a chair who will be there beyond her term.

“For the board members that are continuing it felt like a really good time to leave and develop a good communication pattern with the superintendent. Its very different to lead in the chair role and it felt very important to lead in the chair role and I could be there for support and guidance if they needed it,” said Estep.

A new hoard chairman was set to be elected in December and the board will still adhere to that timetable as Adams serves for at least the next three months.

In other parts of the school board meeting, teachers and parents spoke tonight against an advanced move into classrooms but reports from several department heads say that the progress is going better than expected.

But it hasn’t been without its challenges. A couple of weeks into the school year and the last batch of hotspots for families are just now being handed out.

The school board also approved a contract that would allow them to reach out to community partners to provide safe learning facilities for students. This would be areas outside of home where students could go to use wifi for homework or class meetings.

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