RNC Chair looks at the effort needed for President Trump to win North Carolina in 2020

Republican National Committee chair reflects on President's acceptance of nomination

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee, said Friday if President Trump is going to win North Carolina in 2020, it will be important for the RNC to be active in the state in the remaining months before the election.

“We’ve got to come into your state and articulate the difference between the policies and go through the things that the president has done,” McDaniel said in an interview Friday with WECT. “We’re going to figure out a way to get there many, many times so that we can make the case to the voters that President Trump and (Senator) Thom Tillis deserve to be re-elected.”

According to a compilation of polls compiled by Real Clear Politics, President Trump is in a statistical dead-heat with democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The president won the state in 2016 over Hillary Clinton by less than three percentage points. Sen. Tillis, who is also seeking a second term, is trailing democratic challenger Cal Cunningham by less than five percent in Real Clear Politics polling average. McDaniel says the RNC will work to support Sen. Tillis and all republicans on the ballot.

“One of the things Joe Biden has said openly is that he would get rid of the filibuster, which has been tradition for decades,” McDaniel said. “He would allow a majority vote if they take the Senate, just 51 votes. Right now, it’s 63, so you need some bipartisanship. 51 votes to change anything, to pass legislation. I think that’s frightening. The democrats have said they want to add (Washington) DC and Puerto Rico as states, they want to stack the (US) Supreme Court. They are looking at ’how to we fundamentally transform the United States of America into something that our Founders did not intend. Thom Tillis is a safeguard against that. He’s always going to fight for North Carolina, lower taxes, better jobs. But beyond that, keeping America the great country and the land of opportunity that it is.”

McDaniel attended President Trump’s address Thursday night on the grounds of the White House, which brought the 2020 convention to an end. She praised the speech for drawing a contrast between the two candidates.

“He’s looking at every voter as a swing voter, and he really wanted to draw a contrast between two very different visions for the path forward for our country,” McDaniel said. “He talked about the fact that he would create ten million new jobs, he would continue to make “America First” trade deals, he would cut taxes. He really laid out some policy points that he’s putting forward and a contrast to Joe Biden, whose already said he would raise taxes by $4 trillion, which would mean 82 percent of Americans would have a tax increase, that he would eliminate all ten million energy jobs, which means all of us would be paying more to fill our cr with gas. So, I think it was a good contrast and I think it’s important that people understand you’re making a choice between policies between two different candidates.”

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