Hurricane Laura closes in on the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Laura closes in on the Gulf Coast
Hurricane Laura threatens Gulf Coast.

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - As Laura approached the Gulf Coast, it was on the verge of becoming a Category 5 hurricane as of 8 p.m. Wednesday night; the effects of this catastrophic storm will be huge.

Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall with winds in excess of 145 miles per hour. The Gulf Coast will be severely impacted by damages from strong winds and storm surge.

“Landfall is likely to be in Cameron Parish, LA. Lake Charles, LA about 30 miles from the Gulf coast on I-10,” said WECT Meteorologist Eric Davis. “It is the largest city to see major impacts. Southwest LA will get hit the hardest. Also, Laura could be a category 5 soon. It will be a close call at 11.”

Click on the link below for live coverage of Hurricane Laura from Louisiana.

The only good thing is that it is fast moving and will clear Louisiana and Texas by the weekend.

Fortunately, the Cape Fear region will be spared any disruptive weather this time around.

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