UNCW men’s soccer team continues to workout during pandemic

UNCW men's soccer team still practicing and following protocols

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Wearing masks when not taking part in a drill is just one of the new protocols that allows the UNCW men’s soccer team to practice.

“You have to come into practice during your time slots,” said junior Athit Berg. “Five people are allowed into the locker room and then you have to change quickly; you have ten minutes. Then you have to wait outside six feet apart until the gates open at 2 p.m. Then we have our temp. checked.”

Seahawk head soccer coach Aidan Heaney stresses to his team that they can’t take shortcuts when it comes to COVID-19.

“We are on campus and we have students here,” said Heaney. “We are asking everyone to be disciplined and do the right things. Even more for our group. We have really clamped down and force the issue, making sure it really does matter what you’re doing off the field. It matters.”

“We have to be more conscious of who we interact with,” added Berg. “We have to stay inside our bubble as much as possible...just going out for the necessary things like class if you have face-to-face class...and keep everyone accountable. If you see somebody breaking the rules, you have to bite the bullet and go to the coaches or leaders [saying] this is what happened.”

The Seahawks know what will happen if a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19.

“One little mistake can be crucial,” said Berg. “That could mean we could be shut down as a program for the fall and we can’t practice. It is so important that we keep doing what we have been doing for these two weeks and stick to it.”

While the Seahawks won’t play this fall, they are still awaiting word from the NCAA to see if a spring soccer season is announced.

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