Pender County Schools reviews reopening plan, provides daycare option for teachers

Pender County School Board fine-tunes school opening plan

PENDER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Pender County school leaders already have a plan to reopen schools. They chose option B, with students having some in-person days every week along with remote learning.

Tuesday night, they wanted to fine-tune the details for a safe return to school.

The school system plans to offer an expanded virtual academy. Basically, more online classes will be available for high school students so they can reach their graduation requirements.

Professional development for teachers has already started online. Leaders hope it will help teachers improve their online teaching skills.

Board chairman Don Hall said he remains confident about the choice of allowing students back in classrooms.

“Our staff has worked hard to try to make this a reality,” said Hall. “I’m confident whatever problems arrive—and there will be some—this is brand new, unprecedented territory. Our staff can deal with it. There’s lots of questions right now but things will get answered as time goes on.”

The board addressed one issue regarding childcare for teachers. If a teacher is scheduled at a school two days a week for in-person learning, their children will also be assigned for in-person learning at their school on the same days.

A simple fix for educators who might otherwise struggle finding daycare.

“We need these people in attendance; the goal is to help educate our students,” said Hall. “If we can help facilitate that by having a minimal cost childcare, I think everyone would agree that’s the best thing.”

The school system still has a few issues to deal with, like hiring more teachers for kindergarten through third grade and there is a shortage of substitute teachers but administrators are working to fill those openings.

A couple of other notes to pass along—students and parents will receive bus assignments at their respective school’s open house event. And, Chromebooks will be assigned and given out Wednesday at 11. Families have already been told pickup locations.

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