“I was watching my newborn breathe like a hawk”: News anchor describes ordeal after entire family diagnosed with COVID-19

News anchor's whole family contracted COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WECT) - Molly Grantham had just had a baby, so fatigue stood to reason. The WBTV news anchorwoman thought nothing of COVID-19.

“I was just tired...body aches...I had a pounding headache—all things that are post-partum. Any woman whose ever had a baby would know it’s a normal thing for your body to feel like that so nothing jumped out at me like I was ill,” Grantham says.

But she was and she wasn’t the only one in the Grantham family.

“My husband had lost his sense of taste and smell which is the number one sign that it’s COVID.”

The virus had entered the Grantham home, though, days before. Molly says her nine-year-old daughter, Parker, was complaining of a sore throat and ears popping when she swallowed.

“I was just so conscious and aware of all the hospital warnings and had the newborn that the next day we had a pediatrician appointment anyway, so I took my nine-year-old to get tested. At that point, even though it was probably allergies or whatever—and it turns out it wasn’t—and she got really sick after she got tested,” Grantham said.

Molly’s year-old daughter, her five-year-old son, she and her husband—all COVID-19 positive. The newborn was positive, too.

“Sounds crazy to me, like...its very real. I was watching my newborn breathe like a hawk overnight, frightened—not even sure what I was looking for because I know it’s real.”

The Granthams are now all on the mend—essentially recovered from the virus. Molly was also diagnosed with pneumonia but says she feels so much better.

She recently decided to share her story after her doctor encouraged her to do so.

As a television journalist who has covered this pandemic from the start, she’s concerned people are not taking this virus seriously—especially the devastating impacts it can have.

Someone described it to me like Russian Roulette—that you just don’t know how its going to hit you or how it will impact you. Thank God my family and I have gotten through the game but you don’t want to be the one with the bad round.”

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