Gov. Cooper visits Brunswick County, tours Oak Island damages, says help is on the way

Governor Cooper tours storm-damaged areas of Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Governor Cooper says before he even came down to Brunswick County, he already talked to the president and is working on getting all damaged areas the funding they need.

The Governor walked through Oak Island today and visited two homes that were ravaged by the storm. The families were cleaning up as he came by and he listened to their stories of heartache.

Governor Cooper says the one-two punch from Hurricane Isaias and the coronavirus pandemic is a tough one for families to deal with.

Bolivia was also on Cooper’s tour of the county to talk with Brunswick County leaders like Southport’s Mayor Hatem and County Commissioner Chairman Frank Williams. He says the road to recovery will be a tough one, but it’s manageable because of the people of Brunswick County.

“I don’t think any state in the country is better prepared or knows how to handle storms better than North Carolina,” said Cooper. “We’re ready for them when they come; we work hard to save lives and it’s a credit to everybody down here that when I ask about injuries, they say there are none.”

He also said that without the experience of local emergency management and first responders, what happened in Brunswick County could have been deadly. According to Cooper, the federal government is already pledging its full support to aid in the recovery.

However, he said there is some worry that the HEROES Act won’t provide the assistance that areas need, but he is doing all he can to make sure it happens.

“If the towns and counties and the state don’t have the funding to pay them then that’s going to hurt the health and safety of the people,” said Cooper. “I think its going to be important that we get that additional funding; we have been able to provide some to local governments. We know this has to be a priority and I believe that we will have sufficient funding to do what we need to do to prepare for these storms.

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